My area of research is Empirical Industrial Organization, including Auctions and Procurement.

I: Auction/Procurement Market

II: Two-Sided Platform Market

III: Gambling Business Market (Betting Shop Industry)
  • "Do Gambling Firms Target Crime-Prone Areas?"
    (Working Paper)

    with Pradeep Kumar (Department of Economics, University of Exeter, UK)
    • Paper (Download from SSRN)

IV: Oligopolistic Market
  • "Reliability Examination in Horizontal-Merger Price Simulations: An Ex-Post Evaluation of the Gap between Predicted and Observed Prices in the 1998 Hyundai-Kia Merger"
    (Workng Paper)
    • Paper (Download from SSRN)

Work in Progress
  • "Auction Mechanisms and Bidding Behavior in Bond Markets"
    (In Progress)

    with Klenio Barbosa (Insper Institute of Education and Research, Brazil)
            Dakshina G. De Silva (Lancaster University, UK)
            Liyu Yang (Lancaster University, UK)

  • "Certification Designs"
    (In Progress)

    with Andriy Zapechelnyuk (University of St Andrews, UK)

  • "Firm-Level Productivity and Reallocation Mechanism: A Case of China"
    (In Progress)

    with Sai Ding (Department of Economics, University of Glasgow, UK)
            Julian Huang (School of Economics, Nankai University, China)
            Jiangteng Zhou (Department of Economics, University of Glasgow, UK)

Preliminary Work
  • "Multi-Unit Auctions with Product Complementalities"
  • "Making Indivisible Good Auctions Divisible"
  • "Reserve Price Diversity Puzzle"
  • "Gains from Free-Trade Agreements: Do Heterogeneous Consumers Gain Equally?"
    with Yong Hyeon Yang (Korea Development Institute, Korea)