My area of research is Applied Economics (Industrial Organization)

I currently work on empirical auctions, financial auctions, (food) information economics, and productivity topics.

I: Auction/Procurement Markets

II: Treasury Auction Markets

III: Two-Sided Online Auction Platform Markets
  • 'Search and Resale Frictions in a Two-Sided Online Platform: A Case of Multi-Use Assets'
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2019)

    with Jun Nakabayashi

IV: (Food) Information Economics
  • 'Are There "Ratatouille" Restaurants? On Anticorrelation of Food Quality and Hygiene'

    with Andriy Zapechelnyuk
    • Paper (Download from the SSRN)

V: Miscellaneous
  • 'Do Gambling Firms Target Crime-Prone Areas?'
    (Workng Paper)

    with Pradeep Kumar
    • Paper (Download from the SSRN)
  • 'Reliability Examination in Horizontal-Merger Price Simulations: An Ex-Post Evaluation of the Gap between Predicted and Observed Prices in the 1998 Hyundai-Kia Merger'
    (Workng Paper)
    • Paper (Download from the SSRN)

Work in Progress
  • 'Dynamic Online Reviews'
    (In Progress)

    with Andriy Zapechelnyuk

  • 'Firm-Level Productivity and Reallocation Mechanism: A Case of China'
    (In Progress)

    with Sai Ding, Julian Huang, Jiangteng Zhou

Preliminary Work
  • 'IPO (Initial Public Offering) Auctions'
  • 'Measuring Marker Power in Uniform-Price Auctions with Bidder IDs'
  • 'Who Owns Reputation? A Two-Dimensional Panel Analysis of Top Chefs'
  • 'Hygiene Scores: A Panel Study'
  • 'Gains from Free-Trade Agreements: Do Heterogeneous Consumers Gain Equally?'
    with Yong Hyeon Yang (Korea Development Institute, Korea)