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Adam Smith Business School, Economics
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Research Areas: Empirical Industrial Organization and Empirical Auctions/Procurement
E-mail: econ.yoshimoto [[at]] gmail [[dot]] com
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Recent News (Updated on 2017 Nov. 06):
  • Presenting at the Yokohama National University (Yokohama, Japan) on 2017 Nov. 29
  • Presenting at the Asia-Pacific Industrial Organisation Society Conference (Auckland, New Zealand) for 2017 Dec. 14-16
  • Presenting at a lunch-time seminar at the University of Glasgow (Business School, Economics Subject) on 2018 Jan. 31
  • Presenting at the Durham University Business School (Durham, UK) on 2018 Feb. 21
  • Presenting at the Lancaster University (Finance Department, Lancaster, UK) on 2018 Mar. 14

  • I am participating in this ESRC funded project (Research Councils UK link) as a co-investigator.
  • An International Partnership Fund is awarded for a joint research project with Nankai University (Tianjin, China).
  • An Undergraduate Research Internship Fund is awarded for promoting research-skill development (Univ. of Glasgow, Business School).
Administrative Role:
  • I am delighted to meet and collaborate with high-ranking industry, government, and non-profit institution executives through my role as a Practitioner Seminars organizer.